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Things to remember when playing with a cat

February 19, 2006

100_0265Our little black cat Isis loves to be thrown across the room.  Seriously.  Alicea figured this out one night when she was in the kitchen trying to prepare dinner.  Isis kept weaving around Alicea’s legs and wouldn’t leave her alone.  Finally Alicea picked up Isis and gently tossed her out of the kitchen.

As soon as the cat landed, however, she ran back to Alicea and started “the weave” all over again.  Woosh … she flew again.  It became a viscious cycle.  These days Isis gets thrown through the air (over our peninsula and into the dining room) a couple nights a week.  Alicea’s always the one to do it though.

Until last night.  I was working in the kitchen and Isis wouldn’t leave me alone.  So I picked her up and tossed her towards the dining room….

Note to self: don’t put back spin on the cat

She’s fine (even came back for more) but it was a rough landing.  I think I’ll leave the cat-tossing to Alciea.

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