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Microsoft Project Origami – holy cow!

February 26, 2006

Origami revealed!:

OK, thanks to Ray for this brilliant lead.

Much like everyone else, I’ve been wondering what Microsoft’s Origami Project is. The speculation runs rampant but it appears that you might not have to wait a few weeks to find out what Origami truly is. Marketing firm DigitalKitchen must have the ad campaign on this one because if you hit their site and enter, click Work and then BrandTheatre, guess what you’ll find. Not just pics of the device, but a Flash-based video showing the various uses. I won’t add to the speculation fire that’s burning and tell you what I saw. Instead, I’ll let you spend a few minutes viewing the revealing show so you can form your own conclusions. I will say this: as a new WMCE user, a TabletPC and WindowsMobile user for several years, I’m hoping what I saw in the video becomes available very soon. I’ll still be getting a new WM 5.0 phone that you can pick for me (so don’t forget to vote), but Origami is next on my list! There’s another pic after the jump.

EDIT:  This is hot, folks…I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft request DigitalKitchen to pull the site quickly so as not to spoil the launch.  Check it out while you can.  If this is for real, then it will go a long way to realizing Gate’s dream of a truely useable tablet device.

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