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Thinking outside the box

April 26, 2006

Now this is what I call thinking outside the box.  Some brains from an MIT-based startup have developed a turbocharger that runs on ethanol.  What’s the big deal?  It can make a 1.5–liter 4 banger act like a 3.0–liter V6 while consuming less gas.  All this for under $1000 and the ethanol tank could run for months on a single fill. 

Check out AutoBlog (and their source) for more details.

All the talk about hydrogen is nice, but what are we going to use until that’s ready?  And how is hydrogen the answer, seeing as it has to be kept so cold and is so volatile (think Hindenburg).  I remember hearing somewhere that there is a lot of energy required to get hydrogen in a form that can be used in a car … so you’re basically just transferring pollution from many little sources to fewer BIG sources.

Let’s think outside the box – is hydrogen really the answer?  Someone tell me.  🙂

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