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What’s that smell?

May 3, 2006

Robert Scoble just posted that he “discovered” HDTV is rotting [his] brain.”

Alicea and I started rotting our brains a few years ago when we got a Toshiba 34” HDTV.  It’s a perfectly flat 16:9 CRT (traditional glass tube) because the flat panel screens were $10k or more back then.  But our 180–pound TV is beautiful just the same. 🙂  Why watch a mindless show when you can watch the same mindless show in HD?

After a while you get obsessed with all things HD.  The DVD must be high quality.  Cable TV must be high quality.  Argh – why can’t I get HD from my Media Center computer?  Because the computer is too old to recognize a computer via it’s DVI port (the cable box works though).

One of these days we might have to get a new TV so we can get computer content in HD.  THAT’s obsessed!

Anybody want a 34” HDTV?

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