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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2007

“Merry Christmas, everyone.”

I hope each one of you (that’s right, all three of you that read my blog) had an awesome Christmas.  Here at our place we’ve been completely overwhelmed with family, food, and fantastic gifts!

Kaitlyn’s been bouncing off the walls, almost literally, with all the “princess Christmas” gifts she got from Santa and all our relatives.  Favorites include a Cinderella doll and a fairy princess dress, complete with wings.  I’ve never seen Kaitlyn so happy, jumping and spinning and yelling with each gift she got to open.  Too fun.

The highlight of non-Kaitlyn presents has to be the video conferencing system I got so my folks can see Kaitlyn (and she can see them) during our weekly calls.  I think my mom flipped over that one.  🙂

But the best gift for everyone this year is that my parents are here for the holidays.  Kaitlyn totally latched on to my dad, aka Poppy, and they’ve been spending most of their days in the play room together.  It’s awesome to have them here, and they’re in town through Saturday to boot!  YAY!

Coming up this afternoon and evening is a great meal (Honey Baked Ham – oh yeah) and some SNOW!  WOOHOO!

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