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Kaitlyn says…

December 31, 2007

Kaitlyn is TOTALLY into princess mode at this point in her life, and has been for a couple months.  Every nice dress someone has on (be it a baby or a grown woman) is a princess dress.  She even asked Santa for a “Princess Christmas”, which he delivered.

Kaitlyn is also in question mode.  Most things we say to her usually get sent right back to us with her cute little questioning voice inflexion. 

“Time to get in the car Kaitlyn.” -> “Time to get in the car?”

KC from time to time will ask if I’m a princess, or if Mommy is a princess – both answers are no.  We’re king and queen of course!  [Which inevitably leads to a question from her inquiring if I’m a queen – but I digress.]

This morning when we were packing into the car for the family commute into Bellevue KC asked if Alicea was a princess, to which Mommy replied that she was a queen.  I piped in that Mommy is in fact a domestic goddess.

KC: “Mommy’s a messed up goddess?”

šŸ™‚  Had to share.  Enjoy your day!

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