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July 20, 2007 Comments off

I just found out that the Microsoft Exchange Server bug I found back in January has been announced publicly, along with the patch!  Check out for the gory details.  Essentially it means that (without the patch) if you are an Exchange 2003 user who sends a meeting request to someone in another company who uses Exchange 2007, when they accept your invite your 2003 calendar item will get corrupted.  That corruption means that if you need to send an update or cancellation folks outside your organization won’t ever get the message.

But now, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.  You’re welcome!  🙂

A HUGE shout out goes to Scott Oseychick from Microsoft for helping me get this bug fixed.  You have no idea what we had to go through to get to a final resolution, but let’s just say it took a long time.  🙂

As a special thanks to Scott, here’s an adaptation of a common phrase…

“I waited 4 months for a patch and all I got was this crappy keychain.”

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