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What a headline!

November 4, 2008 Comments off


That’s from the homepage of right now.  What’s the most impressive, not the “OBAMA” line.  To me the most important is “Racial Barrier Falls in Heavy Turnout”.  One of the most proud moments I’ve had in my 31 years.  Proud of our country.

Thanks to all who voted.  Remember this feeling, what it’s like to play a part in the process.  No matter if your choice is victorious or not, it’s PARTICIPATING that’s the key.

And thanks to everyone who finally was able to put the “race card” back in the deck with all the other issues.  Especially after living in the South for nearly a decade, it puts a big smile on my face to see Virginia and (at this point in the evening, possibly) North Carolina vote for an African American for the highest office in the land.

As John McCain is saying right now in his concession, let’s all “find ways to come together” to help restore our prosperity, enhance our security, and make this country a better place.  “We are all fellow Americans.”

Congratulations America.  Job well done.

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But how is the cornering?

January 14, 2008 Comments off

JCB Construction's new 60 MPH, state-of-the-art HMEE, built ...

“JCB Construction’s new 60 MPH, state-of-the-art HMEE, built for the U.S. Army and poised for deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan.(PRNewsFoto/JCB)”

Um … yeah.  So evidently we can’t protect our work sites and roads leading to them in Iraq and Afghanistan very well.  So the solution isn’t to better protect them, it’s to order a backhoe that can outrun the insurgents.  I wonder how well this handles the Top Gear test track?

Anyone else see the irony here?

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He said WHAT?

January 10, 2008 Comments off

I was listening to some call in show on the radio here in Baltimore this morning driving to the office from our hotel.  There wasn’t a lot of moderation beyond “Hello caller…” and it pretty much just seemed like a call in and rant show, with most folks dancing around various different radical ideas.  It was interesting.

There was a caller saying that the Republicans are behind the push to computer-based voting machines so they could easily rig more elections, “just as they have been for years.”

There were callers lamenting the disenfranchising of voters because of ID requirements to prove you actually are the person on the voter rolls.  Specifically one lengthy complaint was that it was too difficult to get yourself down to the DMV to get a drivers license, or even just a simple state ID card (no driving privileges, but it’s a photo ID).

The last call we heard was a rebut of this notion, and it was truly one of the best calls to a radio show I’ve heard ever.  The main point was driven home like this…

I live in a fairly poor area of town … it’s the ghetto really.  If people ’round these parts want to vote they can put the ribs down and the malt liquor and take a couple hours to get their butts to the DMV and get an ID.  They don’t seem to have any trouble finding time to go to clubs or buy lottery tickets.


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Ouch – that’s gotta hurt

January 9, 2008 Comments off

It can’t be a good sign for the Biden, Gravel, or Thompson campaigns when their candidates got fewer votes in New Hampshire than write-ins.  Yikes!

Graphic shows New Hampshire primary results; two sizes; 1c x ...

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Making up for lost words

July 11, 2007 Comments off

I’ve been a bit out of it lately.  Alicea and I spent a full week with a really bad sickness (won’t go into the details).  The there was the holiday week, and work is ramping up into another busy period for me.  Unfortunately blogging hasn’t been at the top of my to do list.

That being said, I just saw a diatribe from Keith Oberman from his MSNBC broadcast on July 3rd (here’s the link).  Keith more than makes up for my lack of words lately.

YouTube – Keith Olbermann – You have stabbed us in the back – RESIGN

Thanks Keith!

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