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It’s Alive! Open Live Writer

December 9, 2015 Comments off

While it’s pretty obvious that I don’t write all that often (not for lack of want, trust me), there’s one application that I’ve always made sure to install when I do want to get something on my blog: Windows Live Writer.

Unfortunately, Windows Live is dead (long live Windows Live!) and the the only way to get Windows Live Writer has been to figure out where to find the Essentials installer and then remember to remove the apps that don’t work anymore or have been replaced (i.e. everything but Writer). It’s a pain in the ass. Oh, and the app hasn’t been updated in years.

Today a new era has dawned – Open Live Writer is on the air! Brought to us by a crew of volunteers at Microsoft who work tirelessly to get the app converted to open source (yay team!), we now know that the best offline blogging tool will live on into the future. HUZZAH!

Check out for more info and to grab the bits.