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Microsoft to offer checkout software for retailers:

Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, said on Wednesday it would launch new software for small retail stores that allows owners to replace cash registers and automate sales and inventory management. Microsoft Point of Sale, which will be offered from June, is part of Microsoft’s push to sell more software to small- and mid-sized businesses. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft has long offered a version of its Windows operating system for retail store computers.

An MS product actually called PoS … can they at least TRY not to make easy fodder for the pundants? Scoble, which marketing genious decieded to call this thing “PoS”? I mean how about something like “Retail Suite” or “Register.” Nope, they chose PoS. That’s CRAP! 😉

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Coming Soon to a Phone Near You: XM Radio

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Coming Soon to a Phone Near You: XM Radio:

That’s right folks!

NEW YORK (Reuters) – XM Satellite Radio is holding active discussions with wireless carriers about offering some form of its radio service on mobile phones, XM chief executive Hugh Panero said on Monday.

What does this mean for the cellphone industry? Imagine this: a cellular phone that is also a complete PIM (Personal Information Manager), Web client for email, IM, browsing, etc, MP3/WMA/Other format player AND XM radio. How cool will that be? Read more… From Mobile Tracker

That would be cool … except for the fact that battery life would run about 15 minutes. Wonder what the SAR rating of that device would be? 🙂

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How to lose customers

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It takes tons of work to get and keep a customer, even more an evangelist. It takes one idiot for your company to blow all of that and unleash the wrath of the web.

A complete failure to care about the customer – The Office Weblog:
“I am not a happy camper at the moment and the source of my frustration is Apple Computer and their online store. Today I got a first-hand taste at just how badly the company can be at taking care of a customer. And it’s pretty much soured me on ever doing business directly with the company again.”

I read something a couple months back on Gaping Void that all of these stories keep reminding me of: Apple has gone from a “we” company to a “they” company.

Anyway, “We” companies are built by and for a community of users. Everything (including profits) flows from this core value of serving the users. We companies and their profitability are incredibly sustainable.

“They” companies are traditional companies that seek to optimize profitability at the expense of everything else. These businsses are not sustainable and they tend to overreach and ultimately end up in a long and steady decline.

Microsoft is the poster child for a “they” company.

Craigs List is the poster child for a “we” company.

Apple used to be a “we” company.

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Tablet PC – Forum

May 17, 2005 2 comments

Tablet PC – Forum:

“Motion Computing has officially announced their LE1600 Tablet PC… You can officially count me as wanting one of these really bad!”

Amen to that! I’ve been itching to get a Tablet PC forever … and Scoble keeps giving me another reason to look at them even closer. For now I’m on a Dell D610 that my employer supplies and they’re not going to spring for a Tablet for me as a replacement … unless I can get my boss one too. As Kaj always says, “show me the love!” Anyway, I’ve always said I want a convertable Tablet instead of a slate, but it looks like they’ve got some sweet wireless keyboard options for this puppy. That and they’ve got a second battery that hooks onto the bottom of the unit to give you “all day runtime.” Oh, and for reliability of the manufacturer? The guys who started Motion are ex-Dell folks who left on good terms to start making tablets (Dell isn’t interested in making them … yet). Dell even resells Motion’s devices. Check out Motion’s site for the specs on the LE1600.

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No more SSN?

May 16, 2005 Comments off

Kiss your old SSN goodbye | Perspectives | CNET

“Politicians are starting to realize that permitting data brokers like Acxiom and ChoicePoint to buy and sell your Social Security number like a raffle ticket may not be that wise after all.”

Finally someone is starting to realize that the purvasive use of the SSN is a BAD thing. “They” keep telling us to protect our social security number, but then we have to give up our SSN just to sign up for cable TV? I’ve already stopped giving out my phone number to local merchants who say “we just try to track where our sales are from.” Fine, I say as I rattle off my zip code. Heck, my phone number is through Vonage and is on a Bellevue, WA exchange that’s 30 minutes (and a few microclimates) away from my residence so it’s pretty pointless for them as a location tool anyway. Why do they want your phone number? Revenue stream: they sell it to telemarketers. Bastards.

Another tip from one of our friends who was the object of credit card fraud a year or so ago … don’t pass along full credit card numbers to local merchants. She had someone take her full credit card and expiration date off of a restaurant sales slip she had signed and left on the table (how often have you done this). Unfortunately someone got ahold of that slip and purchased over a $1000 of stuff in Texas (while she was here in Seattle). Most merchants “x-out” the majority of your card number, leaving just the last 4 numbers. If you see a receipt with all the numbers printed black all but the last 4 out with your pen.

Maybe we should just build a bomb shelter under our back yard and live in there for the next 20 years with no contact with the outside world… nah, I’d miss Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂

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May 12, 2005 Comments off | Microsoft about to debut antivirus tools?:

“Researchers at Gartner estimate that only 13 percent of consumer-operated desktop computers connected to the Internet have third-party antivirus tools.”

You have got to be kidding me! 13%!?! That’s just appalling. No wonder so many hackers write viruses – it’s so easy for them to exploit these idiots. I wonder how many keep their operating systems and other software up to date … a precious few I’d imagine. Plus there are a ton of people who just plug their cable modem right into their computer without a firewall in place (hardware or software). Yikes!

My dad, for example, doesn’t trust Windows Updates and I have to beg him to install them. On top of that he’s still running Windows 98, then he wonders why it crashes (most of the time the system runs out of memory). He’s going to join the ranks of the modern in a few months though … he’s contemplating getting an Athon 64 machine with some serious hard drives, etc. He does digital artwork on his computer and has hundreds of CD-R and DVD-R’s filled with archived pictures, etc. (that’s how he runs out of memory – huge files). Check out for his work.

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My dream car

May 12, 2005 Comments off

This is my dream car!

From Yahoo news via AP Photos.

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This is a profile (obviously) of Kaitlyn at 4 week…

May 9, 2005 1 comment

This is a profile (obviously) of Kaitlyn at 4 weeks old. What a cutie!

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The Hilton Technology Room

May 4, 2005 Comments off

The Hilton Technology Room:
I have an urge for a business trip…

No, for once we’re not talking about our favorite gadget goddess — we’re talking Hilton as in hotel. It may be no Abu Dhabi, but the Hilton thinks it’s got a pretty sweet suite in its Technology Room, outfitted with some of the latest and greatest in emergent tech. They’re calling it their “laboratory” for gathering customer feedback on cutting edge technology. We’re not exactly sure who would complain about being set up with any of the toys stashed away in there, including a 70-inch projection screen with Bose home theater 5-channel surround sound, sonically matched cube speaker arrays, satellite and high def programming, and a couple of wireless touchscreen remotes to control the whole works (including the LCD flat-panel above the hot tub, of course).

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Florida signs law to track sex offenders via GPS for life

May 4, 2005 Comments off

Florida signs law to track sex offenders via GPS for life:

There are other states that have minimum sentences, and other states that require some sort of tracking of sex offenders after their release, but Florida’s new law makes them the first to require mandatory lifetime tracking via GPS for those convicted of sex crimes against children 11 and younger. Governor Jeb Bush signed the law, which also mandates a 25 years to life sentence, in response to the killing of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford. The Jessica Lunsford Act was drafted and pushed through quickly after lawmakers discovered that the man who had murdered Jessica was a registered sex offender. It passed both Senate and House unanimously.

Don’t get me wrong, I think these folks are, generally, skum. That being said, this does raise the something’s not right with this hairs on the back of my neck. I mean, there is something in the Constitution that says you can’t be continually and repeatedly punnished for a single offense, right? If you want them to serve a 25 year sentance that’s great, but that’s the length of the punnishment. After that’s served they’re done, free, time served. This will get overturned by the courts lickedy split.

Again, being a new dad I’d personally flip a lid if something happened to my daughter, but this is’t the right solution. Can you say Florida is a Police State?

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